Digital technology has created a huge change in the volume of data being generated across all sectors.

In 2020, the world will generate 50 times the amount of data generated in 2011 and 75 times the number of information sources.

Organisations are amassing vast volumes of data from transactions, devices, people, customers and suppliers but only few are turning these data into information to help to take decisions.

It means that many organisations are data-rich but information poor. They are not data driven and miss lots of opportunities.

This is often explained by the fact that organisations are busy with their main activities, relying on their old legacy information process and system.

Today, all the best companies such as google, facebook, etc… are data driven using our preferred technology. These companies take all their decision based on their data up to date.

Vikro use this Business Intelligence technology to analyse your data in deep and supply you with new informations about your business in Dashboards and reports format.

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